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Why Is Disney Turning Your Kids Red?

And Why They Need To Be Heavenly Blue!

I generally avoid politics, but Disney’s new release “Turning Red” has got me and many others seeing red after reading the plot summary. I am not speaking of red in the sense of a political party, but red from anger as is the case of the teenage girl in the newly released movie.

For some time, Disney, especially Pixar, has been doling out films that are not only demeaning to the values of Kingdom of God-minded believers but are infiltrating another generation with more idolatry, eastern mysticism, and new age and other supernatural beliefs. The battle for our children and another generation may be over before it really gets started.

Here Are Three Negative Facts Regarding Turning Red

Degradation of Parents and Parental Authority

I don’t watch much of Disney’s latest inventions for a lot of reasons. But, as a parent, I have noticed how most of the material tends to be geared toward single-parent homes as if that is always the norm. Also, Disney makes the children disrespect their parents and as they approach those teen years they rebel and choose their path while still under parental authority.

Single-parent-led homes occur for many reasons and it is very difficult for parents to raise children without a spouse. However, Disney seems to always kill off the dad, or make him some worthless deadbeat. They make the mom turn to drugs or some ancestral spiritism that further delineates from Godly values.

In Turning Red, we find Mei Lee angry with her parents and seeking to be free from their parental control and restraints. As the movie progresses she discovers an inner panda spirit that pops out when she becomes angry.

In the end, she chooses to keep the panda spirit versus being delivered. She tells her mom it helps her be with her friends. The mom thinks that means her family but it doesn’t. More and more you are turning to more than sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They feel that parents are out of touch and Christianity is dead and void of anything meaningful.

As a parent, I encountered my own problems but I always geared my children towards the Word of God and let them see for themselves. I raised them in church and let the Holy Spirit have freedom in their lives. Fortunately, they are still serving God and ministering to Him. As parents, we bring past baggage into a family and we must learn to lay it on the cross.

We must also trust the Holy Spirit with our children. The middle school years are hard enough and I admit many churches don’t meet the spiritual needs of our youth. We have to offer the full gospel and not continue to give a watered-down version void of the supernatural. We also have to be careful who we let educate them.

Regardless of where children are educated, we, the parents are still responsible and will be held accountable. In many instances, government-led education divides families and causes a loss of spiritual identity to a generation. It must be reversed. Thank God for Christian educators in public schools and parents who pray for their children and raise them to fear God and not man.

Your Inner Self Needs Redeeming

Mei Lee holds out for the Red Panda spirit that has been in the women for generations.

Many Disney movies deal with this New Age teaching that we have to capture the inner self. Our inner self is born with a nature to sin. Mankind is not good. We are morally bankrupt without proper rooting and grounding in God’s Word.

Until we are born again we are void of anything good. All of our good is based on our work and our own efforts. We need to grab our inner self, our soulish nature, and nail it to the cross. That is the only valid response, not partnering with a demonic spirit that takes over when we can’t control our anger.

Anger, like any emotion, has to be dealt with not through anything we can do on our own. Instead of seeing red, we need to see blue as in Holy Spirit blue. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, counselor, helper, and the one who enables us to bear good fruit. (See Galatians 5:22)

Anger can be handed down from previous generations, but it is not something God wants us to keep or a red panda to burst out when we can’t control it. Instead, His choice is repentance and coming out of agreement with it. Repentance is the answer to all of our inner needs and issues, whether rejection, pride, rebellion, or fear.

You Need Deliverance

I don’t care how long ago you were saved. You and I both have issues we are dealing with. We need deliverance from strongholds like pride, rebellion, anger, religion, and many more. It is part of the process. Salvation is a process, as we are being saved, and prepared for the day of redemption.

Disney, Hollywood, and others have brought in Eastern religions, eastern mysticism, and New age thought to such an extent that sometimes we hardly recognize what is wrong. In Pocahontas, she talks to a grandmother’s spirit in a tree. In Encanto, there is a shapeshifting relative, and each member of the family has some special supernatural ‘self’ that helps the family.

The list is endless, and Disney is not alone. Books and other written media also encourage sorcery, divination, familiar spirits, and other forms of witchcraft. I realize that many Christian movies and media are cheesy and simply void of good characters and plots.

Still, the church has witchcraft flowing every Sunday. Manipulative prayers seeking to stronghold God into getting what we want or cursing our fellow believers have become standard. Why? Because our society is filled with it, and rather than be the agents of change, we are changed.

We need complete freedom from the strongholds we carry. We need healing from our past hurts and wounds. Perhaps we would be better parents if we nail our life-controlling issues to the cross and let God heal our hearts. Perhaps we can share some of the blame with Disney. But we can stop it by filtering what we allow into our eye gates and those of our families.

Time To Turn Holy Spirit Blue

The answer to Disney, Hollywood, and western culture is allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us. By keeping the panda spirit, Mei Lee made a statement to her generation. You can choose what you keep. That goes for all of us.

You have a choice to let Holy Spirit have complete control over your mind, will, and emotions. When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, you give Him everything you have. That means He comes to live inside of you so you can live the Kingdom Lifestyle now.

There is a lot of good material on deliverance, healing, and freedom in Christ available now.

Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Myers, continues to be a classic on this subject. It is a good read. For children, we, as parents, can teach them the Word, and as they grow older, we can explain inner healing and walk them through it. There are many resources available, so there is no excuse for any child of God to continue seeing red in the ‘spirit’ when they can see blue, with the Holy Spirit.

Resources for Deliverance in Children:

Deliverance for Children and Teens by Bill Banks is available on Amazon

A Manual for Children’s Deliverance By: Frank Hammond, Ida Mae Hammond

Available at Christian books .com or by clicking the link above.

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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