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Five Things That Will Keep You In Spiritual Alignment

Maybe you have never heard of spiritual alignment or no one has ever taught you about it. Your car has to be aligned or it will not function fight. Likewise, our bodies need to be aligned or our walk will be out of balance and we will experience pain and difficulty in our physical bodies if not corrected.

I recently discovered I had a flat tire and proceeded to fill it with air. I notice some metal sticking out and realized that the tire had worn through on the inside. How could a tire with half of its life expectancy still remaining be that far gone? Upon further examination and talking with a tire pro it was discovered that the vehicle was badly out of alignment, and getting the necessary adjustment would fix the problem.

Later the Lord spoke to me and said you are out of alignment with me. I pondered, thinking well I have done what you asked me so what is the problem? Well, that is the question to be answered. If our cars and bodies can be out of line and our walk or ride is bumpy, shaky, or just not right, how much more our spiritual walk?

The Problem

So what do we mean when we say someone is out of alignment? If a person has bad hips, knees, or foot problems it affects their gait, balance, and overall walk. It is painful and we make adjustments until we get the proper treatment to fix the error.

The same goes for our vehicles. They put the vehicle up on a machine and check various components connected to the tires and steering to fix the cause of the misalignment.

But, what do we mean by our spirit man being out of alignment? Obviously, ou walk with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is not in line. In the book of Amos, the children of Israel were found to be out of line. God had placed ‘a plumb line’ next to them and they were not plumbous or not in a straight line according to the plumb line.

God puts His measuring lines next to us periodically and if we do not measure up then we are out of alignment. He still loves us and enjoys us, but we cannot enjoy Him fully since false alignment means we are out of fellowship.

So what causes us to be out of alignment spiritually?

  • Unconfessed or unrepented sin
  • Wrong or bad relationships
  • Wrong spiritual covering
  • Disobedience
  • Lack of fellowship or intimacy with the Lord
  • Generational curses
  • Unsurrendered areas of our life

We can have issues at one or more of the above areas at the same time. These can also open us up to demonic attacks which can cause us to grow further out of alignment. Worse is the fact that we begin to stop praying, reading our Bible and worship. So, what are five things that can always keep us in alignment?

1- Surrender Every Area of Your Life

If Jesus is truly Lord of each one of our lives then He owns every aspect of our lives. Thus we are supposed to surrender everything to Him when we are saved. If we surrender our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial, and relational areas to Him then we will always walk in alignment.

There are past issues and sins that we tend to want to hang on to not realizing that He already owns them but we haven’t surrendered them. The children of Israel worshipped God and kept His commands until they encountered foreign women or foreign gods. So they had these cycles of rebellion and repentance that really meant they were not surrendered to YHWH.

That is how we are. When everything is fine we slack off in our prayer, Bible reading, and serving others. Then we do things that displease Him and step out of alignment and wonder what went wrong. The truth is we should never get out of alignment. Our prayer, worship, and all aspects of kingdom life should be the same no matter what is going on around us.

So surrender to Jesus every area of your life now so you can benefit from the fullness of His abiding presence and joy. Otherwise, you will always be out of line like the children of Israel.

2- Continually Being Cleansed

Spiritual cleansing is not a one-time fix it. You don’t take a bath once or twice a year and expect your body to be in perfect alignment, do you? So we need to cleanse ourselves daily with the washing with water through the word. (Ephesians 5:26 ESV)

Cleansing is not just about repentance. It requires something to come through our spirit and soul and wash it clean. The Holy Spirit’s job is to direct us to the Word that will do just that. The Word, along with prayer and worship will always keep us clean.

The Holy Spirit also brings a cleansing fire that examines us, if we allow Him to, and brings every area into complete cleanliness. This allows us to be in alignment and Hear God’s voice better and walk out His commands.

3- Repentant Lifestyle

Repentance is a part of the Kingdom Life. Like other things mentioned here, it is not a one-time thing. There are things we do daily and then there are generational curses handed down that we need to come out of agreement with. There are also areas that we never addressed after coming to salvation. Sometimes we repent of pride, but we never get to the root.

Paul wrote that we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. (Phillipians 2:12-13 KJV) Fear and trembling means that you desire to get rid of any weight that holds you back. You do that by repentance or coming out of agreement with those areas that are not in line with God’s Word or Kingdom values.

It is thus a lifestyle that we practice and it will keep us walking in alignment daily. It also allows the Holy Spirit to highlight other areas we need to deal with from time to time.

4- Prayer & Fasting

There is so much to be said about these areas. Prayer is our lifeline and if we allow anything to hinder our prayer life then it will quickly open us up to misalignment. Fasting is also a command from Jesus that most believers see more as a suggestion. Fasting helps us in our prayers as we go deeper and let go of creature comforts. Coupled with prayer it strengthens our ability to talk to and hear God at the same time, even though there is often a time of silence.

Remember God hears us and it may seem like He doen’t hear us, but we must persevere in our prayers. It is through prayer and fasting we get the victory and our daily instructions. It is here we find much of the intimacy and fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which is our last area.

5-Intimacy and Fellowship

I have already touched on this and it is hard not to since all of these areas overlap. But, we rob ourselves of intimacy with the trinity or godhead when we cease to worship, prayer, thanksgiving, praise, and obedience. Whether it is the written or spoken word in our lives we must always obey or we risk losing fellowship.

Continually denying ourselves time to fellowship through prayer, worship, and Bible Study can result in our lives being like the Ephesians in Revelation chapter 3, who lost their first love.

Therefore it is imperative that we walk in fellowship with the Spirit every moment or we risk falling into sin, and ultimately our lives get out of alignment. The people we associate with and even the congregation we are family with are vital aspects of our spiritual lives. If we are under the wrong covering or hang out with toxic friends, this can lead to further alignment.

Walking in the Spirit will ensure that we stay in alignment every day and I have provided five tools that we need to practice so that we walk in perfect harmony with the Lord.

Published by Joseph Floyd

I am a disciple of Christ, Husband, Father of 3 grown daughters. My wife and have a heart for the nation's and we long to see every nation worshipping Jesus around the throne. I enjoy writing, languages, international culinary of all kinds, travel, gardening, and cooking. My goal is to see the church and the nations prepared for the King's return, Jesus Christ.

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