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This Passover Discover Hexit: Long Before Brexit There Was Hexit

Passover is coming up, which means it’s time to learn about Hexit. Oh, you have never heard of Hexit? Hexit is the ancient Hebrew exit that occurred long before Brexit made headlines. Just like Brexit, Hexit was a big deal at the time. But, unlike Brexit, Hexit will be celebrated for eternity. But what exactlyContinue reading “This Passover Discover Hexit: Long Before Brexit There Was Hexit”

Slaves In The Promised Land?

I know that the title of this article may open up a lot of thoughts and avenues as to my content. When we hear promised land, we immediately think of the land promised to Abraham and his descendants. Many consider The USA or similar western nations to be a type of promised land because ofContinue reading “Slaves In The Promised Land?”