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Five Things That Enabled Nehemiah To Finish The Assignment

And How You Can Complete Yours Recently I have been writing from the book of Nehemiah and discussing the ways and means that the enemy uses to try to stop God’s work from going forward. I talked about Sanballat and Tobiah and their attempts to do anything to keep Nehemiah and his workers from finishingContinue reading “Five Things That Enabled Nehemiah To Finish The Assignment”

Five Things You Need To Know

About Inventions of The Mind We all have our own personal thoughts and that is part of what makes us unique. God created man with free will and the ability to think and choose for Himself. That is the beauty of the gospel of the kingdom. It is His love for us and His desireContinue reading “Five Things You Need To Know”

Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?

If you venture out to the store or listen to the news at all it opens up a wide array of opportunities to become depressed, discouraged, and just feel like giving up. With Cancel Culture and the full-blown assault on Biblical values, it is enough to cause one to become discouraged and adopt a defeatistContinue reading “Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?”

What Kind of New Years

Resolutions Should We Make? Every Year millions of people all over the globe will make ‘resolutions’ that, while well-intentioned, are either impossible to achieve or they really have no intention of keeping. Often we make resolutions just for show, as if to say, ‘hey, I am making a change.’ Personally, I haven’t made any suchContinue reading “What Kind of New Years”

Chanukah: A Look At Freedom From Oppression and Tyranny

The eight days of Chanukah have just concluded, but it’s not too late to reflect on the events around this holiday. You may not be familiar with this ‘Jewish Holiday’ and the events surrounding its inception or how it is connected with Jesus and His followers. It is not one of the seven commanded feastsContinue reading “Chanukah: A Look At Freedom From Oppression and Tyranny”