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Four Reasons Why The Cross Is A Better Symbol Than The Empty Tomb!

We see them everywhere, hanging around people’s necks, tattooed on skin, printed on T-shirts, on stationary, and in front of church buildings. The cross has come to mean different things to different people. It can be a symbol of peace and love. To some, it represents hate. Since the celebration of Christ’s death on aContinue reading “Four Reasons Why The Cross Is A Better Symbol Than The Empty Tomb!”

Don’t Bow To Haman’s Plots

This week was the celebration of Purim, celebrated as a joyous occasion by Jews all over. It commemorates the saving of the Jewish people by the acts of the Jewish queen Esther. The Old Testament book of Esther provides details of the events that led up her actions and the consequences of Haman’s plots andContinue reading “Don’t Bow To Haman’s Plots”

How You Can Always Be Successful!

Success means different things to different people. But, generally, people are considered a success because their business made a big profit or a book sold a million copies, or an invention worked. For most people success is getting a good-paying job with benefits and making ends meet. That is also basic life, also called makingContinue reading “How You Can Always Be Successful!”

Five Reasons Putin May Be

An Instrument In God’s Hands Most people cannot find any good coming out of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, there is always good going on, even in the midst of chaos, death, destruction, mass migration, and utter confusion. Many have lost everything and have no home left. I have personally spoken to friendsContinue reading “Five Reasons Putin May Be”

From Ordinary To Famous: Finding Your Unique Place In the Kingdom

This Is An Excerpt From The Unpublished Book Wielding The Spear Of Phineas In every generation, some are born to do great exploits. But, usually, they grow up quite ordinary and seem to blend in with all of the other kids. There isn’t really anything exceptional about them except that they are destined to doContinue reading “From Ordinary To Famous: Finding Your Unique Place In the Kingdom”