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A Year of Thanksgiving

And Turn Around What a difference a year can make in one’s life. Even in world events, we have seen how one year can change the overall view of everything. Still, we have to be careful and not grumble and complain but rather develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving for all that God continues to doContinue reading “A Year of Thanksgiving”

Balaam, Job, And Jethro Speak To Modern Society and Culture

Which One Are You? We have seen a rapid decline and erosion of society and culture at all levels in America in the last couple of decades. Sadly, many followers of Christ have sat silently and done nothing, while others have openly embraced the changes. The church has let the government remove prayer and BiblicalContinue reading “Balaam, Job, And Jethro Speak To Modern Society and Culture”

What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals

What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals? The Middle East has been in the news again, but this time it is on a positive note. Several Arab nations have made or intend to make peace deals with Israel. In doing so they are recognizing Israel’s right to exist and their sovereignty asContinue reading “What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals”

What Is The Real Focus Of The End-Times

What Is The Real Focus Of The End-Times? Currently our nation, and the nations of the world are facing many issues, and problems on a level that they have not encountered before. It seems that the enemy is throwing everything at once. Many are saying, “this is it”, or “ this is the end.” TheContinue reading “What Is The Real Focus Of The End-Times”

Nation Versus Nation (Ethnos Vs

Nation Versus Nation (Ethnos Vs. Ethnos) One of the last things that Jesus told His disciples to do was to go and ‘make disciples of nations. He, in essence, was telling them, as Jewish, followers themselves, to fulfill the call that Israel had failed to carry out. That call was to be ‘a light toContinue reading “Nation Versus Nation (Ethnos Vs”