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Ten Characteristics of A Religious Spirit

The term religious spirit or spirit of religion is not mentioned by name as such in the Bible, but the evidence is everywhere, especially in the Gospels. Daily our thoughts become a battlefield where we must take captive every thought, putting it on the cross and taking up the mind of Christ. Unfortunately, however, weContinue reading “Ten Characteristics of A Religious Spirit”

It’s Time To Pick Up Our Harps Sing The Lord’s Song

It seems these days that most of the church is consumed with events of the world, whether it be politics, business, healthcare, sports, or entertainment, to the point that we have ‘hung up our harps.’ We no longer sing the Lord’s songs in this foreign land called planet earth. Many church worship services are noContinue reading “It’s Time To Pick Up Our Harps Sing The Lord’s Song”

Where Is The God of Elijah?: My Prophetic Journey

Most believers can recite the cry of Elisha in 2 Kings 2:14 where Elisha takes the mantle of his spiritual father/teacher Elijah that had just fallen from heaven. He picks it up and strikes the waters of the Jordan River saying “where is the God of Elijah?” It is an often quoted phrase today, andContinue reading “Where Is The God of Elijah?: My Prophetic Journey”

The Prophets Primary Job?

The Prophets Primary Job There is so much being written and taught about the prophetic, prophesy, and prophets today that it is often hard to discern what is truth and what is just a lot of fluff. There has been a call for a reformation of the prophetic or a more pure prophetic flow. But,Continue reading “The Prophets Primary Job?”

What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals

What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals? The Middle East has been in the news again, but this time it is on a positive note. Several Arab nations have made or intend to make peace deals with Israel. In doing so they are recognizing Israel’s right to exist and their sovereignty asContinue reading “What Do We Make Of The Recent Mideast Peace Deals”