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Five Things You Need To Know

About Inventions of The Mind We all have our own personal thoughts and that is part of what makes us unique. God created man with free will and the ability to think and choose for Himself. That is the beauty of the gospel of the kingdom. It is His love for us and His desireContinue reading “Five Things You Need To Know”

Five Ways To Avoid Identity Theft

Recognizing and Maintaining Your Identity In Christ Amid the political, cultural, social, and religious wars that seem to be endless, there is one thing people forget about. Identity theft is at an all-time high, and with a digital economy and so much on social media, it’s no wonder that identity thieves are on the rise.Continue reading “Five Ways To Avoid Identity Theft”

The Zeal Of Phineas In Dealing With Life-Controlling Issues

Identifying Phinehas In Psalm 106:30, we find the Psalmist outlining an event from Numbers 25:7-8, where a man named Phinehas executed judgment on the sins of Israel, and a plague that erupted as a result of their idolatry was stopped. The Children of Israel disobeyed the Lord’s commands by mixing with the Moabite men andContinue reading “The Zeal Of Phineas In Dealing With Life-Controlling Issues”

Three Takeaways When Dealing With Insecurity

1-Identifying Insecurity We all have to deal with insecurity at some point. But, left unchecked and intact, insecurity can lead to fear, rejection, pride, jealousy, and even depression. The root of insecurity results from past traumas or events from our youth that may have led to us aligning ourselves improperly with fear and ultimately lackContinue reading “Three Takeaways When Dealing With Insecurity”